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Steiner Pope is a full service firm offering design for projects of all sizes, from a single room to whole-house design.  We specialize in all aspects of the residential design process from the early concept and planning stage to placing the final accessory.

The process generally follows four phases:


  • Initial Consultation – This is where we identify the scope of the project and the requirements for the space in addition to initial aesthetic concepts.

  • Design and Planning – This phase consists of floor planning,  establishing a budget, the aesthetic design plan, and presentation to the client.

  • Building & Sourcing – We acquire furnishings, fixtures and fittings per the established plan.

  • Delivery & Installation – Your new space is installed and fully accessorized.  The magic design wand is waved …and Voila!


We bring our clients a wealth of experience backed by a solid and strong reputation for delivering beautiful, timeless, well-appointed interiors that are absolutely approachable. 

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